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Help reduce contamination in recyclables ...

The Portage County Solid Waste District needs YOUR help in efforts to reduce the amount of contamination in both curbside an drop-off recycling. As a result of recent rule and policy changes in China, a major consumer of recyclables, twenty-four (24) types of recyclables are now banned for import and sharp restrictions in the amount of contaminants are now in place. The result is an expected increase in processing costs in the United States. Recyclable waste that does not meet the new Chinese requirements must be exported to other countries and excess waste that is not sold for export or used domestically will end up in landfills. Currently, recycling processors are making adjustments by slowing down inspection processes to allow for more careful inspection and removal of contaminants. Technology is constantly evolving and may play a part in the future as well. The solution will likely involve participation and cooperation from all points in the waste management cycle. How can you help? - Food containers should be empty, rinsed and air dried before being tossed in the recyclables. - Try to reduce your recycling footprint by not purchasing smaller individually packaged items. For example, instead of buying plastic containers of cut fruit, purchase the whole fruit and slice it up yourself. - Don't place non-recyclable materials in your recyclables. For more information ...
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Lawn Bag Dropoff - Street Garage Location

Beginning April 30, 2018 the City of Ravenna will have a lawn bag dumpster available at the Street Garage located at 705 Oakwood St. Ravenna. The dumpster will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Street crews will continue to pick up bags at the curb on a regular schedule however if residents want to get rid of lawn bags outside of the normally scheduled pickup they may bring them to the Street Garage and place them in the lawn bag dumpster. LAWN BAGS ONLY, NO LOOSE LAWN WASTE, BRUSH OR TRASH PLEASE.
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Lawn Bags Available beginning April 16th

Lawn Bags can be obtained free of charge from the following locations: Ravenna City Hall, at 210 Park Way and Ravenna City Hall Annex (Water Billing Office) at 530 N. Freedom St. Ravenna. Bags can be picked up by City Residents during normal business hours.
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