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The Building Department has presented a building permit fee increase to City Council to assist in covering the costs to operate the department efficient and effectively.  The permit fee increases presented are across the board and vary with each fee. The department took a look at each fee and estimated how many inspections may need to be conducted for each task.


For instance, the department was charging $50 for a new garage permit.  The new residential building code calls for two or three inspections, depending on the type of foundation, furnishing, style, etc.  A fee of $50 does not cover two inspections let alone three or four, coupled with administration, the processing of the payment cost and increased inspectors rate.


When other local building department’s fees were evaluated, there was no consistency in fee schedules.  Each building department has a different structure to their department such as, full time inspectors, administration, Building Officials etc.  Ravenna’s building department consists of two full time employees however they perform tasks outside the building department and are billed accordingly to the specific tasks (such as water, sewer, roadway).  The inspectors, plan examiners, and building officials are part time employees and are paid either on an hour basis worked or per inspection performed. 


The building permit fees have not been increased since January 2004.  The zoning permit fees will not change at this time.  

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