Drug Take Back Program

The Ravenna Police Department provides a drug ‘take-back” drop box at the front of the Police Department where residents can drop off old, unwanted medications in a safe and secure manner.

Why Use the Program?

  • Safe Disposal helps to reduce Drug Abuse. Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem in the USA. Of particular concern is the rate at which this type of abuse is growing in the teenage population. The abuse of medications by teens often results in medical emergencies and/or fatal overdoses. Teens often gain access to these medications through friends or relatives who were legitimately prescribed the medications at one time. Disposing of unwanted or unused medications via the Drug Take-Back program removes the possibility of such medications ending up in the wrong hands for the wrong purposes.
  • Safe Disposal reduces the risk of accidental poisonings. Unwanted medicines left in the home endanger our children, seniors and pets. Poisonings from prescription and over-the-counter medicines are increasing. Getting rid of unwanted medicines at a take-back program is an important part of being safe in the home.
  • Safe Disposal reduces the impact of medications in the environment. Large amounts of powerful medicines go unused or expire and the way we dispose of them makes a difference for our waters and our environment. For years, the advice was to flush our drugs or mix them with kitty litter and throw them in the garbage. Flushing drugs sends them directly into our waters, harming the environment. Drugs thrown in the garbage are available for others to take and use, and can still get into the environment. Returning medicines to a take-back program is the only environmentally sound method for disposing of unused medicines.

Accepted Items

  • Solid medications such as pills, tablets, capsules, powders.
  • Ointments.
  • Creams.
  • Pastes.
  • Transdermal patches.
  • Inhalers

Prohibited Items

  • Syringes or other “sharps” such as pointed medical instruments, lancets, etc.
  • Liquids (i.e. cough syrup, liquid antibiotics, insulin, etc.). .

The program is free and confidential. Simply deposit your old medications in the drop box located in front of the Police Department located at 220 Park Way, Ravenna, Ohio

Please note: The drop box is for prescription medications only. Illegal or “street drugs”, or other substances are NOT permitted. The drop box is monitored by cameras 24/7 and the box is inventoried and emptied daily.

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