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Bag & Brush – Wards 2 & 4 (click for details)

Bag & Brush pickup will be this week for Wards 2 & 4.  Bags and brush are to be placed at the curb by today in order to be picked up this week.  Pickup will begin today and go through Friday, July 8, 2022.  If these are not placed out at the curb in time, they will not be picked up once they have already been through your area.  They will need to be removed from the curb and placed back out at the curb on the next scheduled pick up date, which is July 18, 2022.  Lawn bags MUST ONLY CONTAIN LEAVES OR PLANT VEGETATION.  Any other debris (sticks, rocks, gravel, dirt, trash, animal feces, etc.) will be rejected and not picked up.  If you should have any questions in regard to what Ward you live in, please call the Ravenna Service Director’s office at (330) 296-6326, or call the Ravenna Utility Billing office at (330) 297-2151.