Committee Meetings

The meeting will be held in person and will be live streamed via the Ravenna City Council YouTube Channel:

6:00 PM Planning Committee 9-12-22 planning

6:30 PM Community and Economic Development 9-12-22 C&ED 9-12-22 C&ED

6:45 PM Information Systems 9-12-22 Information Systems

7:00 PM Personnel Committee 9-12-22 personnel

7:30 PM Public Health & Safety 9-12-22 PH&S

7:45 PM Streets & Sidewalks 9-12-22 S&S

8:00 PM Utilities Committee 9-12-22 Utilities

Any public comments can be emailed to by 4:30 p.m. the day of the meeting. Please include your name, address, and include the subject and or legislation number. Any submitted public comments will be distributed to City Council Members and will be filed with the meeting minutes. Comments can also be submitted by calling 330-297-2155 and speaking with the Clerk of Council, Chelsea Gregor. Your comments will be part of the public record.