Public Hearing, Special Council Meeting & Council Committee Meetings

The meetings will be held via Zoom via the Ravenna City Council YouTube Channel:

5:15 PM  Public Hearing  2020-012 & 2020-022

5:30 PM  Special Council Meeting  June 15th, 2020 Special Meeting (or immediately following the Public Hearing)

5:45 PM   Public Health & Safety Committee  06-15-20. public health & safety  (or immediately following the Special Council Meeting)

6:00 PM  Streets & Sidewalk Committee  06-15-20 Streets & Sidewalks (or immediately following Public Health & Safety)

6:15 PM  Information Systems Committee  06-15-20. Information Systems (or immediately following Streets & Sidewalks)

6:30 PM  Utilities Committee  06-15-20. Utilities  (or immediately following Utilities)

  • Any questions or comments can be sent to the Council Clerk at or reached at 330-297-2155 and will be given to Council.