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The City of Ravenna will be doing their Charter Review in 2022 and we are looking for Ravenna residents, who are registered voters and not related to a City of Ravenna elected official and does not hold any other office or appointment in the Municipality, to apply for the Charter Review Commission.  There is a Charter Review every 5 years.  Members will review the Charter and submit any changes to Council.  Approved changes from Council will then be sent to the Board of Elections to be placed on the ballot for November 2022.  You will find the current Charter at City-of-Ravenna-Charter-1.pdf (  There is also an attachment for the application below if you are interested becoming a member of the Charter Review Commission.  The guidelines to serve on the Commission are below:

“In January, 1982, and each five (5) years thereafter, Council shall appoint a Commission of thirteen (13) members and two (2) alternatives to serve as a Charter Review Commission.  The Commission shall be appointed during the first Council meeting in January of the year that the Commission is to convene and the Commission shall have its first meeting no later than the first week of February in that same year.  The members and alternatives shall be qualified electors of the Municipality who hold no other office or appointment in the Municipality and shall serve without compensation.  The members may not be an immediate family member of any elected official within the City of Ravenna nor may a voting member of the Commission be running for local public office during his/her term on the Charter Review Commission.  For purposes of clarification of this section, immediate family member shall be defined as mother, father, sister, brother, child, spouse, domestic partner, grandparent and grandchild.  The Charter Review Commission may employ a secretary to keep its minutes and records.  The secretary shall be compensated by Council at a reasonable rate. (Amended November 7, 2017)”


Application Charter Review Commission-1