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What makes the city of Ravenna a great place to work, shop and run a business? There are many reasons – and no two success stories are the same. But overall, we have found that the City of Ravenna appeals to the business community (and their customers) in three main ways.

support & cooperation

Ravenna City government, Chamber of Commerce and other organizations go the extra mile to help new and existing businesses grow. The City of Ravenna’s Department of Economic Development offers four main initiatives that can help businesses start up, retain business, attract investment and recruit qualified workers.

The Ravenna Area Chamber of Commerce promotes the growth of our businesses and the community as a whole, promoting the “Only in Ravenna” civic marketing campaign that illustrates the benefits of doing business, working and living in greater Ravenna.

The Portage Development Board assists industrial Realtors, builders, local industries and local communities to build the economic base in Ravenna and Portage County.

Plus, our area educators understand the importance of preparing students to become good citizens. It is the policy of the Ravenna School District to prepare each student to have the skills, habits and work ethic to be ready for meaningful tech careers, college enrollment or military enlistment the moment they graduate. Along with Ravenna’s Maplewood Career Center and nearby universities like Hiram, Kent State and the University of Akron, the region is brimming with skilled, talented young professionals.

Demographics / Size

The city is compact – and with such a concise layout – concentrations of business into sectors designations for manufacturing, retail and service, and other zones, give business neighborhoods an identity that is beneficial to all.


As a center of county government, Ravenna is the destination for all who participate in Portage County’s legislation and service industry. As the heart of Portage County, it is centrally located, with many communities making up the county: Including Ravenna, there are four cities, six villages and eighteen townships. Just minutes from major highways, US. Routes 76 and 80, Ravenna has easy access to workforces throughout northeast Ohio and transport to the entire American midwest and beyond.

Need More Information?

Ravenna residents enjoy reliable, easy access to city services. If you can’t find the information you need, the City of Ravenna welcomes your questions.

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