The Service Director also serves as the Utilities Director and is responsible for overseeing the Water Treatment Plant, the Waste Water Treatment Plant, and the Utilities (Water) Billing Office.

The City of Ravenna does not directly provide Electricity, Trash Removal, Recycling, Telephone, Natural Gas or other utilities to residents. However in some cases the City does participate in aggregation programs which help to save residents money on their utilities bills. And in some cases city ordinances are in effect which regulate specific activities unique to each utility.

For more information please visit the appropriate utilities link below.

City of Ravenna owned and managed utilities include:

Utility Billing & Inserts:

 Portage County based and managed services/utilities:

Privately owned and managed utilities:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Telephone, Television, Internet
  • Trash / Refuse Services – If you would like the name of a Trash/Refuse Service, or you are new to the City of Ravenna, please call City Hall at 330-296-6326.¬† The City of Ravenna does NOT provide these services to its residents.