Leaf, Grass Clippings, Branches, Twigs & Brush Pickup

The Ravenna City Street Department provides curbside pickup service for leaves, grass clippings, branches, twigs and brush.  This service will begin on April 15, 2024, in Ward 1 & Ward 3 and go throughout the week.  This will continue every other week through the week of October 15, 2024, for Ward 1 & 3.  Service will begin in Ward 2 & 4 on April 22, 2024, and go throughout the week.  It will continue every other week through the week of October 15, 2024, for Ward 1 & Ward 3 and for Ward 2 & Ward 4 will go every other week until the week of October 21, 2024.  They will begin on Monday and go throughout the week. Lawn bags MUST CONTAIN ONLY LEAVES OR PLANT VEGETATION.  Any other debris (sticks, rocks, gravel, trash, animal feces, etc.) will be rejected and not picked up.  Bags and brush must be placed at the curb by the dates on the list to be picked up by the city street crews.   Please check the events calendar on the City of Ravenna’s website main page for the schedule in your Ward.  If you have a question regarding what Ward you live in, please call the Ravenna Utility Billing office at (330) 297-2151 or the Ravenna Service Director’s office at (330) 296-6326.


Grass Clippings

Place yard waste in a biodegradable bag at the curb for pickup in an approved biodegradable bag. Bags will become available at the Service Director’s Office and also at the Water Billing office on April 8, 2024, and go through October 11, 2024.  These bags are free with proof of Ravenna City residency. Biodegradable bags are also for sale at area home improvement stores. Pick up crews may leave replacement bags while supplies last. The Street Department will be picking the bags up from the last two weeks of April until the last full week in October.  We will provide up to six (6) bags per residence and the crews will provide bags up to as many as they picked up.



During Fall, rake all leaves to curb to be vacuumed by street crews. In Spring, Summer and into Fall, it is acceptable to place small quantities into the biodegradable bags for curb pickup.  Be sure to check the events calendar on our Home page for more information and schedule when this program begins the first part of November 2024.


  • Do NOT use bags during the annual Fall leaf pickup
  • Please rake leaves to the curb on the tree lawn
  • Do not rake leaves into the roadway – this clogs storm drains and can result in significant flooding
  • Do not park vehicles in front of leaf piles during leaf pickup


Branches, Twigs and Brush

Branches, twigs, tree limbs and brush (no more than 4” in diameter) may be placed on the curb for pickup.  These items are NOT to be placed in the Lawn/Leaf bags.  Items must be small enough for two men to handle. Please see event calendar for more information and schedule. This service will begin again on April 15, 2024, in Ward 1 & Ward 3 and go through the week of October 15, 2024, and from April 22, 2024, to the week of October 21, 2024, ending in Ward 2 & Ward 4.

2024 Bag & Brush Schedule