Elected Administration

In addition to elected members of City Council, the Mayor, Finance Director, and the Law Director are also elected positions. All three of these positions are four year terms and the individuals are chosen through a general election every four years.


The Mayor is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of Ravenna City Government. The Mayor is tasked with policy decisions and is responsible for the overall direction of the City. The Mayor also serves as Safety Director for the City with the responsibility of overseeing the Police and Fire Departments. As mandated by the City Charter, the Mayor appoints a Service and Utilities Director who is responsible for overseeing the Engineering, Building, Street, Water and Waste Water Departments.

Law Director

The Law Director serves as general legal counsel for the City. The Law Director provides legal guidance to all City departments and is also responsible for prosecuting offenses charged under the Ordinances of the City of Ravenna.

Finance Director

The Finance Director is responsible for all things related to finances within the Ravenna City Government. The Finance Director establishes a budget and is responsible for overseeing the day to day finances of the City.