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Natural Gas

Residents and small businesses in the city’s natural gas aggregation program supplied by Constellation Energy will have a fixed rate of $3.70/Mcf from the October 2021 meter read (November 2021 billing cycle) to the September 2023 meter read (October 2023 billing cycle).

Not all residents currently with Direct Energy will automatically receive these new rates.

The price of natural gas fluctuates, please be assured that we are striving to serve your needs to the best of our ability. If you are not currently included in the city program, you will have an opportunity to opt-in. Please understand that the city strives through this program to provide our citizens with a low and stable price for their natural gas during the heating season.

With other options available such as those offers you may receive in the mail, we understand that it can be confusing. Essentially, while the city program cannot guarantee the lowest cost, it does provide you with a choice that offers a known cost well in advance of the heating season, and a guarantee that it will not increase during the time when you use the most natural gas.

Ultimately, YOU choose your natural gas supplier. To discuss the program or enrollment, contact Constellation Energy directly at 844-809-6836.