RFP Opportunities

The City of Ravenna will advertise upcoming construction projects and make any forms or documents available for free download from this web site.

Notice: Contractors MUST notify the engineering department (via phone, fax or email) of their interest to submit a bid. We must have your company contact information to issue addendums should there be any. If a bidder returns a bid and are not on the plan holders list, their bid will not be read. Information we need is as follows:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • FAX
  • E-Mail
  • Contact Person
  • Are you a General or Sub Contractor

This information may be emailed to:

  • dominic.disalvo@ravennaoh.gov OR
  • bob.finney@ravennaoh.gov

The Proposal Pages (‘P’ pages) must be completed and submitted in their entirety (other words don’t leave any pages out) along with your bid bond per instructions to bidders. In the past we required the complete books to be returned with your bid, this is no longer required. By returning a bid, you acknowledge you have a complete copy of the contract Documents and Specifications per the Table of Contents.

Please call with questions at 330.296.5666.