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Engineering Fees

Industrial Building


Industrial Building
Pretreatment Systems for any process waste  200.00application fee.
Pretreatment System Monthly Charge  VariesRevised yearly based on City’s Costs.
Extra-strength waste surcharge  VariesRevised yearly.
Roadway Work Permit  0.00No charge at this time, possible bond and inspection costs
Geothermal Well Fee  125.00per well + 25.00 per year
Planning Commission Application  100.00 
Special Professional Services  Varies 
Site Plan Review Fee  100.00for residential and 2-family
Tap-In   Inside City1500.00per equivalent single family home
Inspection  100.00first 2 hours. City’s rage thereafter
Tapping License  100.00per license year + $10,000 performance bond
Permit  100.00per address
Subdivisions, Roadway & Utility Extensions
Plan Review  3000.00maximum, based on project
Plat Approval  25.00minimum, based on number of lots, curved boundaries, etc.
Bond, Escrow Account, Letter of Credit  100%of cost of public improvements
Inspection Cost  City’s cost.Minimum 2% of construction, no maximum.
Right-Of-Way Vacations  VariesLegal filing fees, Reimbursement for Engineering and Finance Director’s Time
New 3/4″ Service   Inside City699.06 
New 3/4″ Service   Outside City768.97 
New 1″ Service   Inside City708.95 
New 1″ Service   Outside City779.95 
New 1 1/2″ Service   Inside City942.87 
New 1 1/2″ Service   Outside City1037.15 
New 2″ Service   Inside City1064.97 
New 2″ Service   Outside City1171.46 
5/8″ Meter   Inside City265.00 
5/8″ Meter   Outside City290.00 
3/4″ Meter   Inside City330.00 
3/4″ Meter   Outside City363.00 
1″ Meter   Inside City398.00 
1″ Meter   Outside City438.00 
1 1/2″ Meter   Inside City794.00 
1 1/2″ Meter   Outside City874.00 
2″ Meter   Inside City1044.00 
2″ Meter   Outside City1148.00 
3″ Meter   Inside City3012.00 
3″ Meter   Outside City3313.00 
4″ Meter   Inside City4750.00 
4″ Meter   Outside City5225.00 
6″ Meter   Inside City7626.00 
6″ Meter   Outside City8390.00 
> 6″ Meter   Inside City Cost + Installation + 10%
> 6″ Meter   Outside City Inside + 10%
Inspection  100.00first 2 hours. City’s rate thereafter
Tapping License  100.00per license year + $10,000 performance bond

Engineering Department Address

530 N. Freedom St.
P.O. Box 1215
Ravenna, Ohio 44266
Phone: 330.296.5666
FAX: 330.297.2166

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm
Closed Noon – 1pm for lunch
Closed on all Major Holidays

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